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A magical world with three unique shows during Orient'Alp

  1. On Friday evening, our central square transforms into the stage for a captivating free Light Show. Swiss artists and local children blend together in an explosion of creativity. Enchanting light displays, dynamic theatrical performances, vibrant street arts, and bewitching dance transport you to a magical universe where every corner becomes a fantastic scene.

  2. On Saturday evening, immerse yourself in the grandeur and splendor of the Grand Gala of World Dances. For three hours of spectacle, international stars adorned in sumptuous costumes from around the globe offer you a dazzling show, where cultural diversity is expressed through every graceful movement and every enchanting note of music.

  3. On Sunday afternoon, experience a Storytelling Dance designed for everyone, with a special focus on children and families. National and international stars, accompanied by children's groups from Château-d'Oex, transport you to fantastic worlds through dance. Shimmering costumes from around the world add a touch of color and magic to this enchanting experience.


Experience the emotion, energy, and cultural diversity through 3 unique shows that awaken the senses and enchant the soul.


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