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We are proud to welcome the most eminent and acclaimed artists, both nationally and internationally.

Their presence on prestigious stages is a testament to their worldwide renown and exceptional talent. Additionally, we are delighted to have among us confirmed Swiss artists, whose mastery of their art is recognized across the country and beyond borders.

We are honored to present these renowned artists, whose captivating performances have graced the biggest international dance festivals. Their presence at Orient'Alp promises unforgettable moments for our enthusiastic audience. Thank you to all our artists for their contribution in making Orient'Alp an exceptional artistic event.


Artistes passees Oriental'Alp Festival Danse Suisse


2024 Jillina Carlano, Kaouther Ben Amor, Pablo Acosta, Sneha Mistri, Noémie Kung, The tribal sisters & Asif Qu, Roberta Euler, Ajsa Samia & Mahila Kirati, Amina Laforce, Anna, Nadia Saba, ballet by Kaouther Ben Amor, The ensemble Ammurah, Emilie Gumy & Lazulya, Dervish Dance Division, the Trio Alya, the Bollybandits, Pablo'Swiss'Cie, Sharineas, Dulcinea, Saphyra & Tempsdance Orientale, Maya & Apsara, Ensemble Rajas Oase, El Shams.

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