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We are the Orient'Alp Festival, a vibrant and dynamic celebration of world dances, nestled in the heart of the majestic Swiss Alps in Château-d'Oex. Since our inception in 2015, our festival has evolved to become a must-attend event on the Swiss cultural scene. Nestled in this enchanting setting, we stand as a symbol of diversity, where boundaries between world dances blur. Each edition is the result of a shared passion for promoting intercultural dialogue and spreading joy through world dances. We take pride in being the first festival to introduce a special section for children, thus offering an unforgettable family experience. We are grateful to our loyal audience and eager to continue growing and evolving together. Welcome to our colorful and festive universe, where every movement is a celebration of diversity and human creativity, against the majestic backdrop of the Swiss Alps.

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Our story is a tale woven by Mélanie Mahila Kirati, a Swiss woman from Château-d'Oex, whose extraordinary journey gave birth to the Orient'Alp Festival. From her first dance steps in South Africa, where Mélanie discovered her passion for Oriental dance, to years of training with the greatest masters of this art, each chapter of her story enriches the fabric of our festival.

It was in South Africa that Mélanie met Marina, a meeting that would mark a turning point in her journey. Marina not only became her teacher but also a precious friend, colleague, and indispensable artist of the festival today.

Back in her native Switzerland, Mélanie felt the need to share her passion with the world. Thus, in 2015, she realized her dream by founding the Orient'Alp Festival in Château-d'Oex. With determination and vision, she formed a dedicated team to share her vision of celebrating diversity through dance.

Today, the Orient'Alp Festival has become much more than just a cultural event. It is a reflection of Mélanie's commitment and passion, a vibrant tribute to the ability of dance to transcend boundaries and unite people. Each edition of the festival is a new chapter in our shared history, a chapter that celebrates diversity, creativity, and the beauty of the art of dance.

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