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Belly Dance and World Dance Festival

Château-d'Oex, Switzerland

10th Edition from March 26 to 30, 2025

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Adults dance workshops and children's classes
Dance gala featuring international artists
Light dance show with national artists
Family-friendly dance tale
Oriental dance, Tribal and folklore costume bazaar



See you in 2025

Orient'Alp Gala Switzerland featuring Jillina Carlano, Pablo Acosta

Your passion and energy are the beating heart of our Orient'Alp Festival. We are honored by your presence and grateful for your continuous support. In 2025, we are celebrating our tenth edition, and we can't wait to share with you an even more incredible experience. Get ready to dive into a world of movement, rhythm, and emotion, where every step tells a story and every gesture is an expression of pure dance passion. Stay tuned to discover the exciting details to come, and join us for an unforgettable celebration of dance in all its forms!

10 years of Orient'Alp Festival in Switzerland, celebrating world dances and oriental dance belly dance tribal fusion
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When Oriental Dance and World Dances Meet in the Swiss Alps.

Orient'Alp is a festival with a warm and family-friendly atmosphere, set in an authentic environment, where numerous international artists come together for a weekend to narrate, dance, and teach their art and passion in a spirit of sharing, devoid of competition.

It's a festival where beginners, experts, and the curious alike can immerse themselves in World dances by attending workshops of all levels.

Programme Festival Suisse Orient'Alp Chateaux d'Oex  danse orientale  et du monde


Sign up for workshops at all levels for children and adults, offering a variety of world dances, from Oriental dance to tribal and fusion, as well as bollywood, gipsy, wegyptian folklore and more. Attend unique performances and participate in inspiring conferences.


Workshops and Conference


Dance Workshops and Gala


Workshops and Light Show


Dance Workshops and Dance Story Performance

Artists at Orient'Alp Gala: Oriental and World Dance in Switzerland

Discover the international and Swiss artists who illuminate the Orient'Alp festival with their exceptional talent


Discover the captivating performances of the Orient'Alp Festival! Three unique evenings, three distinct atmospheres: a gala, a dance story, and light shows, where international and local artists whisk you away into a whirlwind of dance. Don't miss these magical moments where music and dance collide. Children also take part on Friday evening and Sunday with passion and talent, enriching each performance with their vibrant energy.

Orient'Alp Oriental Dance and World Dance Gala Program Flyer - Château-d'Oex, Switzerland


Dive into the captivating universe of the Grand Gala Show at the Orient'Alp Festival! Three hours of mesmerizing performances await you, showcasing exceptional Swiss and international artists.

From Oriental dance to contemporary fusion, including Indian, Uyghur, Romani rhythms, and many more, each moment promises a unique immersive experience.

Join us for an evening filled with magic, where music, dance, and culture blend in an enchanting symphony. Reserve your tickets now to live an unforgettable sensory experience!

And for this 10th edition, let's celebrate together with artists coming from all corners of the globe.

Flyer: Orient'Alp Dance Story Program - Oriental Dance and World Dance in Château-d'Oex, Switzerland


It's in the tradition of Orient'Alp to conclude with the enchanting dance story.

On Sunday afternoon, it's a unique moment where international stars and local young talents come together to create a magical and unforgettable experience.

In this dance story, it's the children who, accompanied by the stars, take us on an enchanting journey blending dance and storytelling.

The staging and music are tailored to both children and adults, making for a captivating show for all ages.

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