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Éditions Passées du Festival de danse Orient'Alp à Chateau-d'Oex en Suisse

Discover the past editions of the Orient'Alp Festival, a family adventure where each year is a new chapter to write together!

Since its inception in 2015, our festival, founded by Mélanie Mahila Kirati, has grown and evolved, always offering more magic and surprises.

Rediscover our warmest memories, our most joyful dances, and our most memorable moments.

Dive into our archives with your loved ones and relive those special moments that have punctuated our lives and hearts, with the participation of numerous artists from all over the world.

Explore an exhilarating mix of styles, from the grace of Oriental dance to the enchanting energy of tribal fusion, through fiery Gypsy dances, the glamour of Bollywood, the passion of Argentine style, and the charm of Middle Eastern folklore.

Editions passees du festival Orient'Alp

2015 - 2024

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