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Dive into the excitement of the bazaar at the Orient'Alp Festival, where sparkling treasures dedicated to the art of belly dance are unveiled. Explore an enchanted universe where flamboyant costumes, exotic accessories, and shimmering jewelry mingle, all designed to ignite your performances and enhance your passion for dance. Whether you're an amateur or professional dancer, the bazaar is the perfect place to discover unique pieces that will enhance your movements and ignite your creativity. Join us for an unforgettable shopping experience at the heart of the Orient'Alp Festival!


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Orient'Alp Festival Shop

At Cathy Création, find costumes for belly dance, Egyptian folklore, and Tribal Fusion. She offers outfits for children, adults, and groups, including training, semi-professional, and professional attire, as well as assorted accessories. Cathy can also provide custom alterations during festivals, thanks to her portable sewing machines.

At the Orient'Alp Shop stand, you will find Isis wings, accessories, training costumes, skirts for gypsy dances, and many other items for ethnic dances.


Would you like to become an exhibitor at the Orient'Alp Festival's bazaar?

Join us for an immersive experience where you can showcase your unique creations and artisan treasures to dance enthusiasts from around the world. Whether you offer authentic costumes, exotic accessories, training outfits, or sparkling jewelry, our bazaar is the perfect place to share your passion and expertise with a vibrant and engaged community.

Join us to be part of this exceptional adventure and offer festival visitors an unforgettable shopping experience!

Write to us by email to exhibit in our bazaar.

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