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Official Photographer of the Orient'Alp Festival

André Elbing, a renowned international photographer in the field of dance, brings his talent and expertise to Orient'Alp. His captivating and artistic shots capture the grace and energy of this form of artistic expression. We are honored by his presence at Orient'Alp, where his photographs immortalize the magic of this unique event.

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André Elbing, photographer of the Orient'Alp Festival in Château-d'Oex, Switzerland, specializing in belly dance.


André will capture your best moments on stage. Orient'Alp will provide you with 2 to 3 photos of your performance as well as your videos. You will also have the opportunity to purchase more photos through the special FESTIVAL offer, valid for up to 14 days after the Orientalp festival.

To place an order, you will simply need a list with the file name and the desired sizes.

On the website in the gallery of Oriental shows, you will find your show organized by date and name. The file name is displayed under each thumbnail or in large letters in the main title after clicking to enlarge!

Please send an email to


For example, send an email with the remark:

Festival Offer

  • BD1234-xxxx 1 x 10x15 at 300 dpi

  • BD1234-yyyy 1 x 10x15 at 300 dpi

  • BD1234-zzzz 1 x 10x15 at 300 dpi

  • And so on.


Photo rates (Minimum order of 5 photos per performance)

Digital format: 10x15 cm at 300 dpi

  • 5 Photos €35

  • 10 Photos €50

  • 20 Photos €70

  • 30 Photos €85

  • 40 Photos €110

  • 50 Photos €130 

  • 60 Photos €145

  • 70 Photos €165


Information and Reservations

Tel +49 171 777 67 16

20 minute private shooting

Danisa and Sasha Photo Shooting Festival Orientalp André Elbing Château-d'Oex

Take advantage of the opportunity to book private photo sessions, which will take place directly at the Roc et Neige hotel in Château-d'Oex, the iconic venue of our dance festival, with André Elbing.


1 Private session of 20 minutes with 5 digital format photos for 80 CHF / €.

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